Tools of The Trade: What Is The Equipter And Why We Use One

At Endless Summer Roofing, we are always looking for ways to be more efficient in our work and more mindful of our customers’ properties. The Equipter is revolutionizing how our team and other roofing companies and general contractors approach each job. Why? Because its unique design has been a game-changer for keeping roofing job sites clean. With the Equipter, Endless Summer Roofing ensures we are protecting your landscaping and area property during roof removal, demolition, and debris removal. Let’s explore what the Equipter is and how Endless Summer Roofing uses one when working on your home.

What Is the Equipter?

The Equipter is a mobile roofing buggy designed for professional roofing and contracting use. It’s a hydraulic, self-propelled dump trailer that can hold up to 4,000 lbs of roofing debris based on the model. It can reach heights of 12 feet, allowing our Northeast Florida roofing crew to put old shingles and roofing material directly into the Equipter for easy clean-up. This utility trailer can tow materials and tools, catch old roofing materials during the tear-off process, and lift shingles, decking, and more up to the roofline. In order to protect your property better and be more efficient, all crew members at Endless Summer Roofing are professionally trained to use the Equipter.

Three Reasons Roofers Love The Equipter

The Endless Summer Roofing crew runs a tight ship, replacing a roof for an average size home (3,000 sq ft or less) in a day. Of course, there are always exceptions like weather, supply chain issues, and accessibility of your home that could turn a one-day roof replacement into a five-day project. The Equipter is a tool that has helped increase the efficiency for the Endless Summer Roofing team in Northeast Florida. Here are three top reasons why it’s a must-have tool for us.

  • It’s Self-Propelled: Once towed to the job site, the gas-powered Equipter can be ‘driven’ around the property. It has a tight turning radius and, thanks to its smaller size, can be maneuvered into tight spaces, unlike dump trailers which are typically placed in the driveway or street.
  • The Equipter Saves time: Rather than throwing shingles and other roofing material on the ground during the tear-off process, our crew can lift the Equipter to roof height and throw materials into the trailer. This can cut clean-up time by 80%.
  • Improves Worker Safety: There are dozens of packets of shingles that have to be lifted to the roof. Traditionally, crew members get these on the roof through several trips up and down a ladder. Instead, materials can be loaded into the Equipter and lifted to the roofline, saving wear and tear on our roofing crew members’ bodies and improving worker safety.

How the Equipter Helps Protect Your Property

With some roofing companies, materials are flung off of the roof to the yard below during a re-roofing project. The Endless Summer Roofing specialists always go out of their way to protect your property by laying tarps to catch shingles, nails, and other roofing debris. But even with tarps or covers, mistakes can happen and roofing materials can end up in bushes, pools, and other areas around your home. We use the Equipter on every job. It helps the Endless Summer Roofing team with lifting materials, taking materials down, and protecting customer’s property. Debris can be dropped directly into the main trailer at the roofline, minimizing damage to the property below. Also, bulky materials like clay tiles, metal roofing panels, decking, underlayments, and more can be lifted to roof height for easy access. It can be driven on sidewalks and driveways and fit into alleyways, saving your freshly manicured lawn. It has a smaller footprint than a dumpster, reducing lawn damage, and can easily maneuver around landscaping features.

Equipter Quick FAQs

What is an Equipter used for?
Previously known as the Roofer’s Buggy and RB4000, the Equipter is a drivable dumpster for debris removal that can be towed to any job site and maneuvered into tight areas. It helps Endless Summer Roofing remove debris without the mess!

How much weight can the Equipter hold?
Depending on the model, the Equipter can hold anywhere from 1,500 lbs to 4,740 lbs, while the Equipter 5400 crane model can lift up to 4,431 lbs.

How high does the Equipter go?
The Equipter 5400 has a max reach of 23 ft, while the Equipter 4000 has a max reach of 12 ft, and the Equipter 2500 and Equipter 2000 have a max reach of 7 ft. Most Northeast Florida residential roofs are well-within reach of the Equipter used by Endless Summer Roofing.

Endless Summer Roofing Uses Top Technology

Locally owned and operated in Northeast Florida, Endless Summer Roofing continually invests in technology that makes our job more efficient and helps our customers. Not only can we protect your home from Florida’s endless summer sun, but now we can better protect your property! The Equipter reduces clean-up time and helps minimize damage to your landscaping. It’s one of our ‘tools of the trade’ that makes a difference in how we approach every roofing job. Whether you need roof repair, roof replacement, or help choosing the right roofing material for your home. Give us a call at 904-357-0722 to set up a free estimate or for more information on our industry-best warranties.
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