Why A Metal Roof Is The New “Must Have” For Florida Homes

Metal roofs used to be a novelty. You’d see them on barns in rural areas or spot them on high-end homes in bigger cities. Take a drive down A1A, and you’ll find metal roofs on beach homes all along the Florida coast. What was once deemed ‘modern industrial’ has become mainstream, and homeowners are reaping the benefits. Unlike traditional shingled roofs, metal roofs are incredibly durable. Not only can they withstand extreme weather conditions better, but they are also eco-friendly and energy-efficient. But are they the right choice for your home? Let’s find out.

Metal Roofs Offer Style, Safety, and Sustainability

Just like with traditional roofing material, you have options when you decide to go with a metal roof. They’re made from zinc, tin, aluminum, copper, or steel with a nearly limitless color palate. Metal panels can be finished to match the style of your home. Want a more traditional look? Manufacturers can shape metal into shingles, tiles, or wood shakes to mimic your neighborhood’s roofs.

Hurricanes pose one of the most significant weather threats to Florida homeowners. Metal roofs have the highest wind resistance rating in comparison to other roofing options. According to the Metal Roofing Alliance, metal roofs withstood 140 mph rating in wind uplift tests. In fact, one Florida homeowner said her metal roof was a “lifesaver” during Hurricane Michael in 2018. As the family hunkered down in the bathroom, a 60-foot pine tree landed just above them on the metal roof without even leaving a dent.

Properly grounded metal roofs provide better protection against fire if your home is hit by lightning. Research by the Metal Construction Association shows a metal roof will conduct a lighting strike’s energy across the roof area, reducing heat and potential fire damage. During dryer months, wildfires can also pose a threat to homes in Northeast Florida. Metal roofs are practically fireproof, protecting against flying embers.

As the world shifts towards eco-friendly options, metal roofs are a perfect solution. Almost 20 billion tons of asphalt shingles and old roofing materials end up in landfills. Not so with metal roofs. They contain between 25-95% percent recycled materials. Since metal can be melted and reshaped, your roof is also recyclable when swapped out. Want to prevent even more waste? Metal roofs are also light enough to be installed over your existing roof, so there’s no need to remove the current materials. In this case, professional installation from experienced roofers like Endless Summer Roofing is crucial to avoid insulation loss and damage from improper ventilation of your old roof.

Metal Roofs Are Less Expensive In The Long Term

While metal roofs have a high price point, installing one can save you money over time. They can minimize hurricane and severe weather damage, prevent termite and other insects from making a meal out of your roof, and are moisture, mildew, and rust-resistant. Yes, rust-resistant! Metal roofs have a metallic coating that keeps humidity and rain at bay.

Their durability is unquestionable. Asphalt roofing material and shingles last between 10-20 years due to wear and tear and environmental elements. Statistically, State Farm Insurance says metal roofs can last up to 70 years, saving you a minimum of two replacements.

Here in the sunshine state, electric bills can soar in the summer months. Metal reflects the sun’s heat and UV rays, almost like a barrier. Rather than absorb heat like asphalt shingles, a metal roof will re-emit the heat, reducing the cost of cooling your home by 25% in some cases. The money you save goes right back into your pocket.

Install A New Metal Roof Today!

Endless Summer Roofing is your local roofing expert in Metal Roofing. Our experienced team can walk you through all roofing options. Check out our YouTube videos for local metal roof installations. Also, if you suspect roof damage or would like a qualified professional to look at your roof, give us a call at (904) 467-7398. And remember, our roofing inspections are always free.

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