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Licensed since 2005, we take pride in our products and services. Do you have a leak, or an older roof, maybe some shingles missing? Endless Summer Roofing can help you with all of your roofing needs.


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Roofing Services Jacksonville FL

Re-Roofing Projects

When storm damage, tree damage or wear and tear due to age leave your roof beyond repair, a roof replacement may be necessary to protect your home from the harsh Florida climate. 


If you need a new roof, Endless Summer Roofing Co. is your premier North Florida roofing company.  We professionally install the highest quality products available today.  We offer complete roofing systems including GAF and Certainteed.  

Our financing options will help you replace your roof on any budget.  

If a weather event caused your roof damage, we can help you file a claim with your insurance company

Learn more about Roof Replacement, Financing, and Insurance here.



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A leaky roof doesn't always mean a new roof

A total roof replacement isn't always necessary. 


At Endless Summer Roofing Co. our #1 goal is to extend the usable life of your roof to help you avoid a costly roof replacement. 


A professional roof repair by our expert roofing professionals can extend the life of your roof and keep your family protected for many more years.


Most residential roofing repairs can be resolved quickly and easily. 

If you have a leak, don't wait.

Learn more about our Professional Roof Repair Service here.


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Extend the life of your Low-Sloped roof with a roof coating

Your roof is an investment that keeps your home and loved ones safe from the elements.  Coating your roof offers an economic and environmentally friendly option that can extend the life of your roof for years. 

A professionally applied roof coating can help lower your energy bills. With over 11 million tons of roofing materials being dumped in landfills annually, roof coatings are more environmentally friendly


If your roof is in good shape, but getting up there in age, a roof coating may be a good option. Many times roof coatings are warrantied to last as long as 15-20 years. 

Learn more about Roof Coating here.



Trusted Jacksonville Roofing Contractors

We are your local, family-owned North East Florida Roofer specializing in new roofs, roof repairs, and replacements. Insured and Licensed for 15 years, we'll work hard to replace or repair your roof with quality products and craftsmanship. Your roof is your first line of defense against Florida's Endless Summers.

We service Amelia Island, Fernandina Beach, Fleming Island, Orange Park, Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, St Augustine, Palm Coast, Flagler Beach, and Daytona.


We are excited to partner with you and protect your biggest investment against the elements. Contact us today, for your complimentary roof inspection at info@yourfloridaroofer.com or 904-357-0722.

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FAQs with Your Florida Roofer

Do You Offer a Warranty for My New Roof?

We stand behind our work at Endless Summer Roofing Co.  All of our roof installations are warranteed against workmanship defects for two years.

How Can I Afford My Roof?

Endless Summer Roofing offers financing options for a full roof replacement or to help finance your deductible. Your Project Manager has the tools to walk you through this process and you can click here to read more. 

I'm Looking to Sell My Home, Will You Do a Roof Inspection?

Having your roof inspected is a great selling point. Give us a call at 904-357-0722 and book your roof inspection so we can help you get your home sold!

How do I Know if I Have Storm Damage?

Storm damage to your roof can't always be seen from the ground.  You may notice raised shingles, curled shingles, or some missing shingles that have blown off.  It is best to have a trained professional inspect your roof for damage that isn't always visible to the untrained eye.

What Problems Can Arise from Storm Damage?

Storm damage can cause the shingles on your home to lose granules.  These granules protect the matting of the shingles from sunlight.  Loss of granules can cause premature aging, possible leaks, and mold.  Storm damage will also void the warranty of your shingles.

Will My Insurance Premium Increase if I File a Roof Claim?

Typically damage related to a natural disaster will not increase your insurance premiums, because these are events that are beyond your control.

What is My Time Frame for Filing a Roof Claim?

Most insurance companies have a limited claim period.  Typically if you have not filed a claim or complete all of the necessary repairs within a year of the date of loss, you r insurance company will not be required to fully indemnify you for your loss.  You should file a claim as soon as possible to ensure that all work will be completed before the insurance company's statute of limitations.

How Can Endless Summer Roofing Co. Help Me?

Our trained roofing professionals can perform a free inspection of your home's roofing structure to determine the scope of your storm damage.  We will meet with your insurance adjuster and work with your insurance company to ensure that all necessary damage is covered, and will help you restore your home's roof structure to it's original condition.

I've Signed an Agreement with Endless Summer Roofing, What are the Next Steps for My Roof Replacement?

Thank you for placing your trust in Endless Summer Roofing. We are here to help you every step of the way.


If your roof was damaged by a storm and you are filing a claim with your insurance company:

  1.  A trained representative from our company will work with you throughout the duration of your project.

  2. Your representative will walk you through the process of contacting your insurance company, starting your claim, and scheduling an insurance adjustment.

  3. Your representative from Endless Summer Roofing will attend your appointment with your adjuster.

  4. Endless Summer Roofing Co. represents you, the homeowner throughout the claims process.  We will work with your insurance company to ensure your claim process goes smoothly.

  5. If your claim is approved, you will receive a loss summary detailing the pricing and scope of work covered by your claim.  You will also receive an "Actual Cash Value" ACV check which will be the claim amount minus the depreciation and your deductible.

  6. Your representative from Endless Summer Roofing Co. will review the loss summary with you and will help answer any questions you have.  At this time, your representative will also work with the insurance company to ensure that all the necessary work to restore your home is covered in the claim.

  7. At this point, you will work with your representative to select materials and colors for your project. You will also also pay your deductible and use your ACV check from the insurance company as a down payment for the work.  This payment enables Endless Summer Roofing Co. to schedule your work, order all materials and pull the necessary permits for your project.

  8.  When materials arrive, we will complete your roof installation as soon as possible and with every care and attention that we would give to our own home.

  9. Upon completion of the work, your representative will walk the property with you to ensure all work has been completed to your satisfaction.

  10. Once work has been completed to your satisfaction, we will invoice the insurance company for the final check (the depreciation check) and issue you a certificate of completion.  W will collect the final payment from you after you receive the check from your insurance company. 



Do you know someone who needs a repair, a new roof or is interested in a maintenance plan? Endless Summer Roofing Co offers a $25 gift card for referrals that book an appointment for a service.


Be sure to tell your referral to mention your name so you get a gift card in the mail. Thank you for doing business with us, your local Florida roofer.

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