Three Reasons To Add Skylights To Your Northeast Florida Home

Open concepts are trending in home building and remodeling right now. Adding a skylight is one way to help make your home seem bigger and brighter without knocking down a wall. They especially make sense in Florida, given its well-known nickname ‘The Sunshine State.’ Skylights are a creative way for homeowners to let in more light. While there are some do’s and don’ts, these roof windows offer big benefits. Let’s take a look.

Skylight 101 For Florida’s First Coast Area Homes

Skylights can be fixed, flat, or open to let in air. Fixed skylights tend to be less prone to leaks, while flat skylights are recommended for flat roofs. Function might be the first consideration for size or shape, but the pitch or slope of your roof can also determine what’s best. 

Most skylights have a low-emissivity (low-e) coating or are tinted or glazed to help protect against the sun’s harmful light. You can also get custom blinds or even solar-powered open and closing mechanisms. They can cost up to $3500.00 depending on the shape, size, and function. 

Skylights Are Aesthetic and Functional

Location matters when installing skylights. They’re best in rooms without a lot of natural light, but that’s not a hard and fast rule. Skylights can add light to areas that don’t have windows or just don’t get enough sunlight, like closets, garages, stairways, and laundry rooms. A skylight can also be the focal point of a room.

When To Install Skylights

While the trained team at Endless Summer Roofing recommends installing a skylight during a re-roofing project, you can add them to your home at any time. They’re typically installed at the roofline beneath the shingles and sheathing, so it’s crucial to double-check that your roof can support a skylight. 

Skylights Provide Natural Light Vs. Artificial Light

Families are bombarded with blue light throughout the day through computer screens, TV, and even regular light bulbs. Blue light can disrupt sleep patterns, energy levels, and moods, but sunlight helps balance all three.

Throughout the day, natural light has different shades. Morning and noon have more blue light to help keep you awake and alert, while afternoon and evening have more red tones to promote rest and sleep. Skylights allow for more natural light exposure, which can be healthier for your family in the long run.

Skylights Are Eligible for Tax Credits

Skylights, doors, and windows are one of several home upgrades that qualify for tax credits. If the skylight meets Energy Star standards, you can get a tax credit of up to 26% through 2022 and 21% through 2024. In Jacksonville, Endless Summer Roofing installs several models that fit these qualifications.

Endless Summer Roofing is Jacksonville’s Skylight Installation Experts

Skylights are an energy-efficient way to add value and light to your home. As the area’s skylight installation experts, the Endless Summer Roofing team will walk you through the entire process, from picking out the size and shape to deciding which rooms will benefit the most. 

We work with brands such as Velux, who offer pre-manufactured and custom skylights, including their exclusive E-Class Skylights. Plus, our work is backed by the best-in-the-business warranty on workmanship defects. Call us today at 904-357-0722 to explore your options, or click here to learn more about financing or schedule a no-obligation consultation. 

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