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Storm Damage isn't Always Obvious - Wind Uplift

Most homeowners envision roof storm damage that looks like the lawn guys decided to mow their roof. While some storms can leave significant damage that is visible from the ground level, the reality is that many forms of storm damage aren’t always visible from the ground.

The picture below shows evidence of storm damage from wind uplift. In this case, a physical inspection of the roof demonstrated that the top shingles lift up and the adhesive that glues the shingles together to protect against wind uplift can no longer work properly.

When the roof is in proper working condition, you shouldn’t be able to put your fingers under a shingle with minimal effort.

When the wind uplift damage is severe enough, it can actually crease shingles and create a line where gravel is missing. The area in the picture below has been weakened by uplift, and the next major windstorm has the potential of pulling the shingle off the roof all together.

The picture above shows a less obvious example of creasing. In this case, a faint line of missing granules can be seen on the lower edge of the shingle.

If your home has been through a severe storm recently, it’s probably a good time to schedule a roofing inspection with a qualified roofing professional. In many cases, storm damage like this can qualify you for a roof replacement through your insurance company.

Our roofing inspections are totally free. If you suspect your roof may have been damaged in a recent storm, or simply want a qualified professional to take a look at your roof and give you an assessment, give us a call at (904) 357-0722. We are Your Florida Roofer.

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