Roof Maintenance Program

At Endless Summer Roofing our number one goal is to help you extend the life of your roofing investment. Quality asphalt shingles roofs have the potential of lasting 40 - 50 years with proper care and maintenance.  Unfortunately, the life of most roofs is cut short when damage from wind, rain, hail, salt air, tree limbs, built up debris, poor workmanship and wear and tear from normal aging is left unchecked.  

According to GAF (roofing shingles and materials manufacturer), 80% of roofs are replaced prematurely. Regularly scheduled quality roof maintenance from an experienced professional roofing company can extend the life of your roof by 25% or more. Did you know that in many cases, small roof leaks can remain undetected for weeks or months? These leaks can damage your roof decking, trusses, and insulation long before they become visible inside your home. This damage can significantly increase the cost of repairs.  

Documented quality maintenance to your home is also an advantage when selling.  Buyers want to know that the biggest investment they are about to make has been regularly inspected and maintained by qualified professionals. Documented regular roof maintenance can help you give buyers the confidence they need to buy your home.

Neglected or poorly maintained roofing systems can also void your manufacturer's warranty on a new roof or roof replacement. Many manufacturer's warranties require at least one documented roof inspection per year by a qualified contractor. This allows repairs to be made before they grow larger and become more costly. A good maintenance plan will go a step further; this includes cleaning your gutters, mending your flashing and performing minor repairs for the cost of the program. Having a service team visit your roof regularly not only gives you peace of mind, but it expands your roof’s lifespan and keeps you within your warranty guidelines. Call today to learn more about our Roof Maintenance Program.

4 Key Benefits of our Roof Maintenance Program:
  1. No Surprise Leaks – any roof repair specialist will say that preventative maintenance is instrumental in uncovering damage early to prevent leaks. More often than not, aging roofs hide issues, which are unrecognizable to the untrained eye, especially from the ground. When left undiscovered and unaddressed, these issues only worsen over time until they let the elements into your home to do more damage. 

  2. No Unexpected Expenses – when you have an active roof maintenance program with Endless Summer Roofing Co. and we perform our bi-annual roof checkup, there is no additional out of pocket costs to minor repairs we perform as long as they are equal to or less than the annual cost of your plan. If the cost of repair is more than your plan’s annual costs, you only pay the difference between the total repair costs minus your annual maintenance cost.

  3. No Nullified Warranties – any experienced roofing contractor will attest that most brands void product warranties when defects are due to poor maintenance.   All of our routine roof inspections and maintenance are documented with photos. With documented roof inspections and maintenance the manufacturer is more likely to reimburse you for the replacement materials and labor costs.

  4. No Denied Claims – with most insurance policies, there’s a thin line between proper maintenance and neglect. When filing a claim for a storm-damaged roof, your insurer might deny your request if there’s a chance you fell short of upkeep expectations. With documented inspection and maintenance photos, we can help you get your insurance claim approved.

Our Roof Maintenance Program includes:
  • Two inspections annually

  • A complete inspection of the roof, gutters, siding, fascia boards, and paint above the roofline

  • Removal of any roof debris

  • Trimming back of any branches interfering with your roof system

  • Inspection and cleaning valleys of debris

  • Inspection of all flashing at all penetrations and curbs, including pipes, skylights, walls, etc.

  • Inspection and cleaning of all gutters and downspouts, and re-attach downspouts where necessary

  • Re-securing of all loose metal items and resealing of cracked or missing caulk joints

  • Repair nail pops and secure loose shingles as needed

  • Priority scheduling in the event of a leak or storm emergency

  • Before & After photos of inspection and all work performed with date and time stamps in an digital report

  • Advise you of any repairs or cleaning options exceeding the scope of our Roof Maintenance Plan

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