Expert Roof Repair Service Near Jacksonville

If you see evidence of a leak in your home, call a roofing professional immediately. In many cases, small leaks can be repaired quickly and affordably, and with little to no hassle to you and your family.  Get reliable roof repair service before. Roof repair financing available.


Leaks that persist over time will increase the damage to your home’s roof sheathing, attic structure, insulation, walls, electrical system, air conditioning ductwork, and more.  Waiting on a repair can result in more extensive damage which increases the cost, and scope of work required to remedy the problem.  

Free Roof Inspection

At Endless Summer Roofing, we know the last thing you want to worry about is a roof leak. In many cases, if the leak is caused by a storm event, your insurance company may cover the cost of repairs. You have our commitment to respond as quickly as possible when a leak occurs and to provide you with an honest and fair assessment of the repairs needed to get your home back to its original condition. Our goal is to help you extend the life of the investment in your roof.  If a repair is all that is needed, a repair is all that we will recommend. 

How Our Roof Repair Process works:

If you see any evidence of a leak in your home:

  1. Time = damage. Call us immediately at (904) 357-0722 or contact us here. Inspections are free.

  2. We will send a roofing professional to your home as soon as possible. In many cases within three hours. We understand that getting roof repair companies to show up is tough. That's why we're different

  3. Our roofing professional will conduct a thorough inspection of your roof, attic structure, and interior to understand the extent of the damage and take lots of pictures so they can show you what they find.

  4. We will provide you with a free estimate of the costs to repair your roof.

    • If an insurance claim is appropriate, we can help you with the claims process.

    • If cost is a concern, we have various financing options to help make the cost of repairing your home affordable at any budget.

  5. We will make every attempt to start the repair immediately or schedule a time that is convenient for you.If we cannot start the repair right away, we will secure the area with a tarp to protect your home from further damage from water intrusion and pests.

  6. Once the repairs are completed, we will conduct a walk-through with you to ensure that all work was performed to your satisfaction.  We can even help if you need a full roof replacement.


How do I know if I have a leak?

Roof leaks aren’t always obvious.  In many cases, they can show up as discoloration or damage to 

your ceiling.  Here are five signs that you might have a leak in your roof.

  1. MoldMold needs water to grow.  If mold is present inside your home, it’s a good indicator that water has intruded into the structure. 

  2. Stains and damage to your drywall: Stains can be one of the clearest indicators of leaks in your roof. If you have yellow discoloration on your ceiling or walls, this is a good indicator of a roof leak. In some cases drywall can blister and the paint can begin to peel. Any sign of staining, blistering or peeling is a good reason to call us for a free inspection.

  3. Discoloration or warping in your attic sheathing: If you have been in your attic lately and you notice that the roof sheathing looks darker in a certain spot or looks like its delaminating, this is a definite sign of water intrusion. At this stage, the water may not have made it into your home yet because the sheathing and insulation in your attic has absorbed most of the water, but there is still a leak. This is a good time to call us before the damage gets worse.

  4. Distorted shingles: If from ground level you can see shingles that have been lifted up, shingles that are missing, or shingles that have obvious cracks and damage, these are signs that a leak has occurred or that you have the potential for a leak. If there is no evidence of leaking in your home, this is a great time to call because repairs can be made before any further damage occurs.

  5. Gutters dripping water after a storm: If your gutters continue to drip water hours after a rainstorm, this is a good sign that they are not doing their job properly. Gutters are designed to move water away from your home quickly. Gutters that drip long after a storm has passed are an indicator that they are holding water. This holding water can damage your eaves, fascia boards, and soffits over time. 

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