Optional or Necessary? Four Things That May Be Missing From Your Roof Estimate

Optional or Necessary? Four Things That May Be Missing From Your Roof Estimate

New roofs are expensive. We get it. Materials, existing roof removal, and labor can add up. But just when you think you’ve settled on an estimate, the “extras” start. What do we mean? Some companies offer Northeast Florida homeowners the bare minimum disguised as a ‘good deal.’ Once they reel you in, the upgrades begin. But there are a few things that your roofing estimate should include:

  • A high performing underlayment
  • Strong materials in areas where roof surfaces meet
  • Wood Rot Repair

The bottom line? Endless Summer Roofing will go through the estimate step by step, so you’re never left with sticker shock. Not only are our prices budget-friendly, but we always cover one item that the other guys consider optional.

Roof Underlayment Should Never Be An Afterthought

There is a lot more going on under the shingles of your roof. Underlayment is a layer that protects your roof’s decking (long sheets of plywood). Florida roofing companies often include double underlayment in your estimate. Double sounds better than one, right? The thing is, every roof has to have at least double underlayment to follow code. Unfortunately, the double asphalt will dry out and fail from sustained Florida heat and UV Radiation.

Peel N’ Stick was made for extreme temperatures, and it prevents water from getting to the decking. Plus manufacturer warranties can last up to 40 years, while most double underlayment lasts about five before it begins to deteriorate. Between the heat and hurricane season, we know how important it is to have the strongest and safest roof possible. It’s an upgrade that can save you money in the long run. Endless Summer Roofing offers Peel N’ Stick and other high-quality underlayment at prices you can afford.

Metal Valleys Provide Extra Protection

Unless your roof is flat, sections will meet at some point, forming corners. The meeting point becomes a valley for rainwater runoff, leaves, and more. While these valleys need to be as strong as possible, roofers can use shingles to create a woven roof valley or a closed-cut roof valley. They’re cost-cutting measures that work, but they can lead to leaks and significant wear and tear over time.

Open metal roof valleys offer homeowners the best level of protection and performance. They also cost more, relegating them to the “options” category. The thing is, some manufacturers require a specific type of valley for their warranty. Endless Summer Roofing will talk you through the ins and outs for insurance and material manufacturers to make sure your roof is covered.

Warranties and What If’s

There’s one last item that can make or break your wallet. Wood rot repair can be expensive, messy, and time-consuming to fix, and you could face a hefty upcharge if found during a roof repair or replacement. As a family-owned and operated business, Endless Summer Roofing treats your roof like it’s ours. We’ll never do work that you haven’t approved. We can either build repairs into your estimate, or we’ll be upfront with pricing and any delays to the project if we do find wood rot.

Warranties give you peace of mind. From cars to household items, though, warranties are usually an upgrade. Roofing materials come with a manufacturer’s warranty. And while most companies include a minimum one-year warranty on labor, Endless Summer Roofing goes one step further. You’ll get quality work backed by a ten-year warranty against labor defects with every estimate! Why trust anyone else?

Call Today For A Free Roofing Estimate

Endless Summer Roofing makes the process simple for Northeast Florida homeowners with FREE estimates that show you exactly what’s needed for a roof repair or replacement and how much they’ll pay. Our estimates include features and items necessary for the function and protection of your investment, so you won’t be surprised once the work starts. Call one of our customer care specialists at 904-675-3616, or contact us here.

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