Metal roofs have been quickly gaining popularity over the years. Their ability to withstand severe weather conditions is second to none, as they have the highest wind resistance rating in comparison to other roofing options. Additionally, they are moisture, mildew and rust resistant and will not crack or peel. Most metal roof styles can also reflect solar radiant heat, keeping your home cooler in the summer. In fact, our customers report a 25% reduction in energy costs in the summer after installing their metal roof with us.


Benefits of a Metal Roof Include:

  • Budget Friendly
  • Long Lasting
  • Low Maintenance 
  • Energy Efficient
  • Recyclable
  • Wide Variety of Kynar Color Options

Endless Summer Roofing is your local roofing expert in Metal Roofing. With over 15 years of roofing experience in Jacksonville, Florida and the surrounding communities, we understand how important it is to pick the right type of roof for your specific needs, as well as a roof that will withstand the Florida elements. 

We are proud to provide roofing solutions that are beautiful, functional and affordable.


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