How To Choose The Best Roof Warranty For Your Home

When it’s time to replace your roof, you want a company you can trust, not a here today, gone tomorrow ‘chuck in a truck.’ You also expect quality roofing materials, especially for protection from hurricanes in Florida. But before your contractor can say cash or credit, there’s something even more important than the color and style you choose—your warranty.

Bert Elliott, the Director of Technical Services at Owens Corning, recently wrote an article on the importance of talking with a trusted roof advisor about your choice of roof warranty. Homeowners typically choose from two main types of warranties and a third option that the experts at Endless Summer Roofing recommend most.

Standard Roof Warranties

From electronics to eyeglasses, most people want a guarantee that what they buy won’t break. The same is true for your roof. The standard, or manufacturers’ warranty fits the bill. All roofing materials come with basic protection against defects and failures for the product’s lifespan.

They typically only cover the purchaser of the materials and so are non-transferable in the event of a sale. Manufacturers will void the warranty if the roofing materials are not installed correctly or properly maintained. There are a few other things that are not included in standard coverage:

  • Pre-existing structural defects
  • High winds beyond the wind rating and impact damage (like hail)
  • Alterations made after installation
  • Damage from people walking on the roof
  • Leaks from debris such as fallen tree limbs or other wind-driven items.

The above are just some of the reasons homeowners tend to pay a little more for an extended warranty.

Extended Roof Warranties

Standard warranties are limited and can cost you more in the long run. Extended warranties offer comprehensive protection. They come with a wide range of benefits such as extended, prorated, or continuous coverage in case of defect or installation issues, coverage for roofing system components, and the protection is transferable between homeownership.

These are your best bet against weather damage, premature wear and tear, and poor maintenance. In some cases, extended warranties protect your roofing materials for up to 50 years.

The Fine Print

The phrase “this is where they get you” is not lost on homeowners. It’s crucial to know everything about the warranty you’ve decided on. For example, a standard warranty may cover materials and labor to replace defective shingles, but not the disposal and removal of the existing roof. Semantics, right? Knowing the differences helps you make the best decision for your home and your bottom line.

The Most Important Roof Warranty

There’s a third warranty that’s easy to overlook—a workmanship warranty. You want a company that uses the best materials and stands by its work. As you can see, faulty installation can void your standard warranty and may give you a headache with the extended warranty. The question you should never forget to ask a roofer is, “do you guarantee your work?”

At Endless Summer Roofing, we’ve got you! We work with industry-leading brands, so you know you’re getting the best roof possible. Many of our roofing materials come with a 30-year manufacturers” warranty, including top brands like Owens Corning, GAF, Tamko. Our team goes above and beyond that, adding a ten-year workmanship warranty! You’ll never pay extra for this. Our workmanship is covered in the estimate and the final cost.

Give our trusted specialists a call today at 904-439-7679 and take advantage of our free inspection.

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