Home Insurance Is Canceling Over My Roof, Now What?

You’ve paid your insurance premiums on time for years. You’ve never filed a claim. But suddenly, you’re being dropped. So what gives? Roofs have become a major sticking point over the last year or so.

In some cases, a typical shingle roof is warranted for up to 20 years, but some property insurers now draw the line at ten years. Making matters worse, homeowners who have been dropped have a hard time finding new insurance. So what can you do as a Florida homeowner? We have a few solutions.

Certain Roofing Materials Can Fail Faster Than Others

Florida roofs take a beating. The constant sun, sea wind and salt, severe weather, and hurricanes can wear down the integrity of a roof. With asphalt shingles, a number of factors can lead to failure over time. The granules in asphalt shingles protect the shingle matting from sunlight. Wind, storm damage, and constant sunlight exposure contribute to granule loss, prematurely aging your roof. This can lead to mold or leaks and make the roof even more susceptible during a severe weather event. A manufacturer’s warranty covers most asphalt shingles for up to 20 years, but the recently passed Florida SB-76 changed the game. 

Florida Insurance Companies Can Refuse Coverage

For decades, unscrupulous roofing companies, business owners, and even some homeowners have taken advantage of the system. Fraudulent repair or replacement claims led to legislative changes that made sense. In order to make sure a roof was insurable, one thing SB 76 did was give insurance companies the right to refuse or restrict policies for homes that do not pass inspection, as well as cut off the age of a roof at 15 years and cancel policies for roofs with five years or less left on its life. But what was supposed to help the problem may have made it worse for homeowners.

Insurance companies have been pulling out of Florida in droves thanks to major storms and hurricane seasons back to back. Making matters worse for homeowners, many companies that are left have refused to insure roofs more than ten years old. Replacing a roof can cost thousands of dollars, money many homeowners don’t have lying around. So how can you protect yourself without going broke?

Three Things To Help Prevent Being Dropped

Whether you are purchasing a new home or trying to keep your current coverage, there are several steps you can take to appease insurance companies.

Have Your Roof Inspected Regularly

Maintenance records are crucial. They help establish a baseline for the health of your roof, especially when performed by a licensed roofing contractor. Also, consider performing recommended maintenance by the roofing company, such as waterproofing, cleaning the roof and gutters annually, and repairing cracked or missing shingles. While it may not save a roof that’s more than 15 years old, having your roof regularly inspected shows a commitment to maintenance and helps reinforce the integrity of your roof.

Change Your Roofing Material

Suppose you are looking at a situation where you have to replace your roof because of age or a storm, or to maintain coverage, consider alternative roofing materials. Metal, composite, or tile offer homeowners more peace of mind and protection. Each is rated higher than asphalt shingles and can stand up to the elements better. A local roofing contractor, like Endless Summer Roofing, can help you decide which option is best for your home and budget.

Wind Mitigation and Storm Protection

Wind damage is one of the most damaging natural events for homes and roofs. High wind gusts from severe weather and sustained winds from hurricanes or tropical storms can take an unseen toll on your roof, causing uplift, shingle loss, and structural issues. Wind mitigation is how a homeowner can protect their home from damaging winds. 

When you have your roof inspected, your licensed contractor will provide a list of actions you can take as a homeowner to strengthen and protect the integrity of your roof. This includes:

  • Make sure your roof (and the entire home, for that matter) is structurally sound with regular inspections.
  • Take steps needed to strengthen the roof.
  • Install secondary water barriers to help prevent water from sitting on the roof for long periods.
  • Check the attachments between the roof foundation and the connections to the wall.

Let Endless Summer Roofing Help Save Your Homeowner’s Insurance

A few other things that can help prove your claim is legitimate are to first schedule a roof inspection. During an inspection, the roofing specialists at Endless Summer Roofing can help identify and repair issues with broken shingles and will hand you a record of the service. And remember, even if your manufacturer’s warranty expires, you may want to look into the companies that help you pay your bills.

If you’re considering a new type of roofing material, the Endless Summer Roofing team has experience repairing and installing metal, tile, and wooden slate roofing materials. Our crew can help you decide which one can withstand a beating based on your location, trees and shrubs in the area and your budget. Give our team a call today at 904-439-7679 or contact us here. Our trusted specialists are standing by to see how we can help you!

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